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Simply Three

Saturday night the three of us headed into Seattle for a family night out.  Simply Three were playing at the Moore Theater, one of those very old theaters built back in the early 1900s.  AJ was fascinated by the architecture of the theater and the old fashioned balconies, not to mention the ceiling.  This was his first time out in historic Seattle and his first official concert.


Have you heard of Simply Three?  James actually ran across their videos while he was playing around on You Tube, and then somehow he discovered that they were coming to Seattle; it was a show we knew we couldn’t miss.




Simply Three consists of Glen (violin), Zack (cello), and Nick (bass).  Hailing from the Phoenix area, all have been classically trained.  They produce their own arrangements of modern music and are currently working on a debut album of songs they’ve written.  We had the immense pleasure of hearing a couple of those debut songs.


AJ was so highly impressed with them that he is requesting all 3 of their cover albums for his upcoming birthday.


“Dabbing” with excitement

This is a group that is not to be missed or overlooked.  You want a great night out?  Go for dinner and a Simply Three concert.  You will not be disappointed!

Thanks, Simply Three, for bringing the string instruments to the forefront and showing us just how beautifully they can sing.  You guys rock!

I recorded some video from the concert… the audio takes a few seconds to capture and get louder, but have a listen if you have a minute.

Here’s some good old fashioned fiddle music:

And just because… Take Me To Church (Hozier)… the official video.