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Oh No! I’m Late!!

… for Motivational Music Monday, that is!  Sheesh, what were you thinking?!

But first, a small update…

Snow… it won’t stop.  This happened last Monday:

And this happened the Monday before that:

I’m really kind of done with winter.  Even our red-tailed hawk at work has been none too impressed… she’s looking a bit cranky these days:

However… cold weather and all, James kicked ass at his race last weekend; the sun even came out for a couple of hours while he ran (he was so lucky to have sun)!  It seems I barely had enough time to get to the finish line before he crossed.  I see him work incredibly hard to get his speed up, and while he didn’t PR, he was close to it.  He’s not convinced he’ll PR in Reno because of the course and elevation (Reno is where our next big race is), but I disagree with him.  I think he has a good chance in spite of the course and elevation.

Okay… now onto MMM…

Are you familiar with Erasure?  They aren’t as big in the US as they have been in the UK.  I was surprised to learn that from 1986 to 2007, they achieved 24 consecutive top 40 hits in the UK. As well, 34 of their 45 singles and EPs have made the UK Top 40, with 17 of them climbing into the top 10 in the UK.  The only song of theirs to chart in France was “Oh L’Amour.”  To date, they have sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

All that being said, I am familiar with only two of their songs, the following being my favorite. This is one that has stood the test of time for me, so it ranks way up there.  It has a constant beat so it’s super great to run to.  If you don’t know it, take a listen.  You may have just found your new favorite song to run to.

So tell me…

  • Have you heard of Erasure?
  • If so, what’s your favorite song by them?
  • Do you have a favorite song this week that James needs to add to his MMM list?

We’re heading to a new area for long-run Sunday and hoping to meet up with a fellow blogger. I will let you know how/if that goes.  Regardless… we’re going to have new territory and a new trail to explore.  I’m actually looking forward to it, because it won’t be snowing!! Happy Sunday my friends!

Lake Sammamish Half-Marathon Race Recap (Kinda Sorta)

Saturday morning, March 5th, my day started at 4 a.m.  (When I lived in Arizona, I was a morning person… these days, not so much.)  I hadn’t really gotten much sleep as the adrenaline and pre-race freak-out microbiomes surging through my body didn’t allow for such silly nonsense of a deep sleep.  So now I’m sleep deprived AND waking up at 4 a.m.  It took me at least 45 minutes to figure out my morning cup of tea.

Out the door at 5:45, we arrived at Redmond Town Center around 6:30, which was perfect timing… not a huge line at packet pickup yet (the expo part of it was set up at the finish line). The weather app said it was going to rain, rain, rain, but we were pleasantly surprised as there was zero rain in sight, and surprisingly, it was kind of warmish (if you think 50 is warm).  I was thankful I had layered with a short-sleeved and long-sleeved tee as opposed to two long-sleeved tees.

I’m sure no one is too interested about my choice for race gear, so I’ll just get to the pictures. Kick-off was at 7:30… this was taken about 5 minutes before.  (I started off in the back and I couldn’t see the start line or hear the gun go off).


James and I took our pre-race selfie, then he headed to the front of the line.


I had set my watch to pace me, which worked brilliantly if I do say so myself.  It’s shocking, but I’d never thought to do that before in the past.  So my watch started alerting me if I was going too fast or too slow, and I kept it at an even keel for the first 5 to 6 miles.  I was so pleased things were going so well.  Then I felt a pain in the center of my knee.  Kind of like my bones were grinding together?  Only not really?  This is about when we hit dirt and gravel, which I’m not accustomed to running on, so I don’t know if that made a difference or not with the knee issue. Regardless, I developed a painful knee, that got worse, and worse, and worse.  Whatever. I plowed on.


By mile 10, I realized that I could still get a PR if I could suck it up enough to run through the pain.  Alas… I could not.  The pain was getting pretty bad and I don’t do pain in any shape or form, so I limped my way in, only to crawl across the finish line (okay, I didn’t really crawl, but you get the picture).  I finished, and that is always my “A” goal, to finish… and any goal I hit after that is just bonus.


The weather stayed gorgeous the entire time.  Perfect running conditions, so the weather app was totally off on this.  At one time, the sun came out, and it started to get a touch hot and humid which caused me a tiny bit of concern, but there were enough clouds in the sky that I knew it wouldn’t last long.  Sure made for some great picture taking, especially as I had quite a few walk breaks in there.


Oh, and I gotta give kudos to my favorite aid station!  These ladies were dressed as unicorns at about mile 7, the halfway point (Unicorn Power).  I was so grateful for their kindness and enthusiasm.  It was a huge pick-me-up!  Don’t know if you can see it, but the trail is now mud… long gone is the paved part, not to be seen again until about mile 11.


This was an all-around fabulous race.  I can’t find fault with any of it.  There was an aid station every 2 to 3 miles with gels, water and Nuun.  The scenery was amazing.  Not only did we run along the lake the entire time, but holy cow, some of the lakeside houses we saw… jaw dropping!  Even the shuttle buses and the post-race festivities were fabulous.  Okay, well, I would rather have had chocolate milk than chocolate coconut water (WTF?), but they did have a yummy juice smoothie bar set up that was simply delish.  This was just a really good day, injury or no injury. Following is my Strava map so you can see where we ran… basically from Redmond to Issaquah.  Badass.


As for my knee… I’m sore everywhere, so I’ll give it a few days and then reassess the pain level. Say adios to my streaking… it was a lovely 65 days, but it’s time to rest now as my racing is my primary goal.  Gotta tell ya though, running at least a mile every single day for those 2 months sure got me good at running a mile and I’m happy I was able to do it for that long.  As well, I recognize the knee owie as a subtle sign, telling me it’s now time to strengthen those hip flexors!!

… so endeth the run streak…

And finally… what’s it all about???  The bling, of course!!  No cardboard tennies for this girl, I got the real thing!


Did you rock your race or run this weekend?  For those who don’t or didn’t run, what was the highlight of your weekend?

A huge shout-out to fellow bloggers Renee, Judy, and Sharon for the tweets!!  You made me smile!  Thank you!!