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Happy New Year!

In spite of the losses we endured most recently, it’s been a great holiday week… lots of family, lots of food, lots of love.  There was even lots of running done by one of us… okay, spoiler alert, it wasn’t me doing the running.


The 12yo child is now taller than me… that ain’t right.

Christmas Eve brought tragedy at work.  We got quite a bit of snow the day before, too much for one of the trees to handle, and it collapsed onto one of the yurts that housed a little Northern Saw-whet owl with vision problems.  She escaped.  She is fully flighted and knows how to hunt, so there is a good chance of survival for her.  Maybe the accident was, in reality, divine intervention.  Maybe her stay with us was done and it was time for her to fly and be free. (To every negative, it’s important to search for the positive. #selfpreservation)

20150220_135857.jpgChristmas Eve brought tragedy to the Seattle Seahawks as well.  They lost to Arizona.  The positive?  I was right there in the stadium to watch!  My very first ‘Hawks game! Okay… maybe not so much a positive for the team, but a huge selfish positive on my part!  🙂


This weekend has been great fun, celebrating the end of 2016.  AJ went to Leavenworth with his friend to play in the snow, and James and I brought in the New Year karaoking most of the night until it was time to watch the fireworks at the Space Needle (from the warmth of our own home, of course… far away from any craziness).


Got snow?

We have a fresh layer of snow and ice, and this coming week promises to be the coldest we’ve seen in a long time.  I don’t do snow, and it will definitely be a week of treadmill running, assuming I even run, :D.  But c’est la vie.  There is always plenty of good in life to offset the bad. That’s just the way it goes.

…Don’t you know, when you’re down

There’s just one way to go

And that’s singing

C’est la vie! C’est la vie!

That’s just the way it goes!…

Wishing you much love and happiness in 2017, no matter what life throws at you!

Quote Challenge

Day 2


In other words… change begins from within.

I have been challenged by Kristy at Palatable Adventures to the 3-day quote challenge.  Thank you Kristy!  Rules:  Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, nominating 3 fellow bloggers to do the same.

For today, I’d like to nominate the following bloggers.  Please don’t feel obligated to participate… it’s just nice being able to give you a shout-out to let you know I appreciate you and your blog.

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Life is what you make it, so make it a great one.

The Power of Positive Thinking

I am a huge Norman Vincent Peale fan.  Back in the olden days… I guess when I was about 23 or so (ca. early-ish ’90s)… I was in the process of “finding” myself, doing a little soul searching as a lot of us do around that time in our life, and I ran across Norman Vincent Peale’s book, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  It changed my whole perspective on life.  I should say I changed my whole perspective on life after reading that book.

Dr. Peale states that if you practice positivity daily then it becomes a habit, second nature, a way of living.  And he was right.  I have become that annoying eternal optimist who refuses to acknowledge negatives or give them the power they so desire.  There’s always a bright side… there’s always a reason you are where you are… things happen for a reason, accept it and move on… it’s all in how you view things.  Some may consider this as being “naive,” “unrealistic,” “impractical,” “romantic,” whatever.  Call it what you like, but it’s how I choose to live my life, and I personally would much rather be around a person who looks at life as a good thing and a blessing as opposed to a person who wallows in self pity day in and day out.  Don’t get me wrong… we all have our downer days as that’s just life, but I’m pretty certain that 98% of my days are spent being happy and thankful for everything that I have and everything that I am.

That being said, I have been challenged by Kristy at Palatable Adventures to the 3-day quote challenge.  Thank you Kristy!  I get so much inspiration from quotes and sayings, even turning some into a run mantra when I’m out on the trail.

Day 1

quote NVP

Rules:  Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, nominating 3 fellow bloggers to do the same.

For today, I’d like to nominate the following bloggers.  Please don’t feel obligated to participate… it’s just nice being able to give you a shout-out to let you know I appreciate you and your blog.

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Life is what you make it, friends, so make it a good one.

Spirit Training


Sad to say, I’ve been a bit lacking in my positive thinking this past week.  With 6 days until Salt Lake City, I just can’t afford the negativity… but hey, it happens to all of us every now and again. I started doubting myself and what I was actually capable of accomplishing, and that took me down a very dark path.

It all began with the knee injury at Lake Sammamish.  I rested a solid two weeks in hopes that my knee pain would subside, and it did, especially once we figured out what was causing it.  But that left me only 3 weeks to come up to par for SLC.  Now mind you… I’ve been training steady since last July, so I didn’t think a 2-week break would do any harm.  That is, until I actually went on my first run after that little break…


Still, I wasn’t thinking much about it because I was actually running “gentle,” trying to baby my knee and work it in slowly.  I didn’t know how my knee was going to react until that first long-run Sunday when I gave it a good stretch.  It held up fine… my legs, however, were not so fine. They were feeling a touch fatigued.  Okay, more than a touch… they were resisting everything in regards to running after the first mile.  And I had the most horrible leg pain at night… twitching, aching… all kinds of stuff going on.  One Sunday night, after laying there for 3 to 4 hours twitching and aching, I finally got up at 1 a.m. to take some ibuprofen and magnesium which I had forgotten to take earlier.  My compression sleeves weren’t even helping me.


And every run thereafter was more of the same.  My legs were tired and I felt as if I had never run a mile in my life.  It didn’t stop me from plowing on, but it was causing me some great concern.  So much so that I was even contemplating dropping back in SLC to run the 5K as opposed to the half.  Jamesy and I discussed some of my concerns, and he felt for my last longish run, I should go out, slow it down just a bit, and then maybe make the decision based on how that run went.


I ran loops around the fields today. This was my friend who cheered me on every time I passed him.

Well, I completed that run today (6 miles).  The best news is I didn’t feel an ounce of fatigue in my legs, they felt normal, and they weren’t achy.  Score!  That brought the spirits up tremendously!  And based on that fact, I came home and announced that I would, indeed, be running the half.  I’ve never been concerned about my pace or being too slow in the past, and I ain’t gonna start today!


I would also like to thank Jackie from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for composing the most perfect positive motivation saying which came when I needed to hear it most.  You can read it here.  “Don’t let your dreams die…”  Nope.  I won’t.

With my little personal crisis being over, onward I go.  Five more days until my normal freak-out post.  In the meantime, please enjoy this little ditty for Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday. This is Song 2 by Blur, otherwise known as the “Woo Hoo Song.”  And just for future reference, when I comment with a “Woo Hoo,” this is exactly how I mean it!!

Have a great week!!  See you in Salt Lake City!!  Woo Hoo!!