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Tuney Tuesday–Hips Don’t Lie

This morning it was absolutely pouring outside and I had 3 miles to run.  I opted to stay inside and do intervals on the treadmill.  I despise running on the treadmill, but it’s great for intervals because I have to run the set speed or risk flying off, so it pushes my limits which I wouldn’t normally do on the trail.

Regardless,  I wasn’t particularly in the mood to run inside OR outside, but I got on the mill just for the sake of getting on.  I turned on my iPod, and this was the first song to come on.  I don’t usually run to it, but it’s okay to warm up to.  And it definitely worked for me this morning… by the time I was done with my warm-up, I was wishing I could “move like I came from Columbia.”

(Thank you Kelly at honestme363 for Tuney Tuesday, 🙂 )