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So Much Love!

Ya’all are simply amazing!  Love is all over Word Press today for Valentine’s Day!  Songs, poems, letters, recipes, stories… such a positive atmosphere!


I’m especially enjoying all the music!  I follow quite a few blogs who love their music just as much as I, and a few songs have popped up over the past few days that I haven’t heard or have forgotten about. If you are a music lover, go check out some of these blogs:

All these blogs offer more than just music, and if I’ve left anyone out, I apologize.  Sometimes my Reader and my email trip me up.

So to all my fellow music lovers, not only is this my choice for MMM this week, this is also for you…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sharing Sunday

13618e16e89b98495dd93f2e42fd2b70e51e17f7_share-the-love-graphic-300x300I’m seeing around the blogging community that today is Sharing Sunday.  I’m not absolutely certain what that means, but I think I’d like to share the love for some other bloggers and websites that are I really enjoy following.

Aidyl93, Life From My Point of View.  A wonderful person and writer, she blogs about everything from her everyday life, to her band, to her creative writing.  She writes some fabulous stories, and I was able to watch her band stream live on Twitch last night which was a ton of fun.  Lydia and I were in Blogging 101 together which is a fabulous place to be to meet new and not-so-new bloggers.

Hit Below The Belt… Hard.  I met Tasha in Blogging 101 also (again, a great place to meet other bloggers).  She blogs about self defense and teaches people how NOT to be a victim. She really makes you think about certain situations and preparedness.  Every Friday she hosts “Funny Friday.”  If I’m able to check my email first thing on Friday, I sit down with my cup of tea and read her blog.  It’s always good to start the day with a smile.

Art At Hand.  I’ve been a fan of Serena’s since the very beginning of my blogging life.  She’s one of my favorite photographers.  She tries different techniques on her photos and she explains why.  Sometimes I try to see things through her eyes and lens.

Travel, Running, and a Little Bit of Style.  I’ve been following Rebecca since the beginning as well. She’s traveled all over the place, has had some great adventures, and she runs!  She’s even had destination race-cations!  And I’m all about the race-cation thing!

Wanderwolf Running.  Meet Dorothea.  She is one of the most humble person’s I’ve had the pleasure of following.  She is also the very quiet yet very loyal supporter of the running blogs. She is an incredible athlete and I love reading about her race training even though she’s way out of my league.  Someone I learn from.

50 in 50 Marathon Quest. The Motivator in my story and my loving husband.  I’m very proud of him.  He wants to run a marathon in all 50 states, averaging about 4 per year until complete. And I get to join him, running all the half’s.  I’m going to be ready for a nap by the time I hit 60.


This is not the top of the hill; this is about half way.

And sharing other news from over the weekend, I ended up having to run MoFo Hill (its new name) because it did not rain, of all the luck.  I made it 1-1/2 times before I died halfway up.  A fabulous start and baseline.  It will be fun to gauge my improvement over the coming weeks… ummm, that is assuming I improve, hehe.

Also, James and I signed up for Facebook. Come say hi to us if you get a chance!! We would love to hear from you!! The links are Never a Dull Bling and 50 in 50 Marathon Quest.

wpid-20151107_205342.jpgToday is our normally-scheduled long run day (me 11, Jamesy 15), the most important run of the week.  Doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or hot as hell, gotta get out there and get it done. So I made this One Pot Pasta for our pre-run dinner and post-run snack. Throw it all in a pot, let it boil, and the water magically disappears.  It’s kinda yummy. Notice the tomatoes… lots and lots of potassium!

And I had this for dessert!  Yay!!


Time for me to get out now and get that mileage done!  Happy running!