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Saturday Scone


I’m carb loading for next weekend’s 6-hour (20-24 miles?) endurance run.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

FYI:  Next weekend for the endurance run, I will absolutely stop before and/or if I hit the marathon distance because this is not where I want to do my first full-out marathon… I would prefer that to be like… ohh, say, London maybe… or Tucson… or even Portland… but definitely not Bellingham (not that I don’t love Bellingham, I do, but that’s not my dream first marathon). Just saying.

Enjoy today!!

Race, Recover, Repeat

It’s been a week now since the SLC Half-Marathon, and I have to be honest, I’ve been nothing less than a sloth this entire time.  Actually, I’ve been too busy at work to even think about running, even having to bring work home with me for a couple of nights.  So I’ve taken this recovery thing to heart.  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  However, it all begins again on Tuesday…

That being said, time to focus on the weight loss again and get rid of the winter gain.  I eat oatmeal for breakfast and I like to add peanut butter to it for the protein and flavor.  But this has a huge detrimental effect on the waistline.  Looky here:


190 calories and 7 g of protein for my favorite type of PB.  I quite possibly put more than 2 tablespoons in my oatmeal (what can I say… I love PB).  And no, I don’t measure it precisely the way I should… ain’t got time for that, so a big ole dollop of this deliciousness ends up in my oatmeal daily, along with all the calories and fat (16 g!!).  Let’s check out the ingredients:


A few of those ingredients I don’t recognize (mono and diglycerides?  hydrogenated vegatable oil? rapeseed?).  Thankfully I have my blogging friends to keep me on the up and up.  There’s big talk going around about powdered peanut butter.  It took me months before I’d even attempt to look for it in the store just to see what it was all about.  And while I wasn’t actually looking, I did run across some kind of PB powder finally.


It’s looking somewhat similar to the protein powder I put in my water-based smoothies.  Have a peek at the back side:


Sweeet!  50 calories, 5 g of protein, and 2 g of fat!  The sugar content is the same, but 3 g is not too bad. Also, it has a total of 3 ingredients in it… peanuts, sugar, and salt.  Just add water and stir (something to keep in mind for the zombie apocalypse?  or are we over the zombie thing these days? I’m actually not… I still have a kid who plays Call of Duty).  Anyway, this will now go in my oatmeal as my peanut butter, AND, I’m going to plop a couple of tablespoons into my banana smoothies for added flavor there as well.  Again, my smoothies are water-based, so I don’t have to worry about sugar or calories from milk or yogurt.  I’ll let you know how this plan works out.

Moving on…

Last week in Salt Lake while I was touring Temple Square, Jamesy was hitting the race expo without me.  And while he was there, he bought me a present!!  Awwwww… he’s awesome! We’re going to be participating in a 6-hour hamster run in August (round and round for 6 hours… how far she goes, nobody knows), and he got me my own Camelbak vest so I can stay nice and hydrated! What a wonderful husband!  (How am I going to talk him into buying me those fancy-dancy trail shoes I’m absolutely going to need?!!)


Yesterday was a big shopping day at our house, getting ready for our celebratory karaoke night and all!  No worries… we were totally prepared!  Costco rocks!


No, we weren’t drinking the Gatorade last night… look one shelf up.  That’s Jamesy’s beer supply… but I had to hunt to find the wine supply, hidden nicely in the back of a cupboard…


You may not be able to tell, but that’s 3 bottles deep, plus 2 more in the fridge.  Now don’t get all judgemental on me… the alcohol will last us at least until next week!  What can I say?! Our karaoke celebration went off swimmingly!  No worries… I didn’t record anything on video so I won’t subject you to that torture!

Weekly Stats:

  • Total Miles:  13.96  (see?  I have achieved complete sloth mode)
  • Total Steps:  31,716
  • Total cross training:  Hahahahaha!

Next up will be Jamesy’s Motivational Music Monday.  Will I stick with his “theme,” or will I be the wayward child and go totally off the wall?  Stay tuned…