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Today was my last long-ish run before the Lake Sammamish Half next Saturday.  The sky was dark and scary, which pretty much summed up my state of mind during my run.  But I’m not worried… I’ve got my 2016 PR Shoes to see me through!

Vibrant: My new PR running shoes!


My new running shoes arrived on my doorstep this afternoon… Brooks Glycerin 13!  I ordered them at the beginning of the week so I would have them in time for my long run this weekend! After melting my feet in Maui, I learned a huge lesson not to stray from the tried and true, and because of that, I believe these are going to give me a new PR at each and every race I run in 2016!  They shall now and forevermore be known as my 2016 PR Shoes!  Woo hoo!  They are, indeed, vibrant!!

Small Town Charm

I live in a beautiful little town that surrounds a lake.  We’re very rural here and don’t have much of a downtown, but this little clock tower is a great landmark.  It’s sits in the town center.


Yes, it was raining today… a lot… so I walked over to the stream that runs this-way and that-way through our town.  Because of all the rain, it was flowing full force.  Believe me when I say, I will take this rain over the ice and snow we had in November and December any day.  (Looking at the picture above, the stream runs just left of the clock tower)  Just another day… 🙂


This was also posted in response to Jackie’s challenge, Echoes of my Neighbourhood, from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales.  Share in the fun!  I feel I get to see the whole world right here from the comfort of my living room!  Thanks Jackie!

Aloha! Echoes Of My Neighbourhood #6

Aloha from sunny Maui!


While the race here wasn’t all that we hoped it would be, the recovery has been fantabulous! We’ve had lots of these to ease our pain…


Fabulous views…




Great pool time (for which I had to paint my nails as they are completely destroyed and black and blue from the race… it’s one of those silly foot photos so be glad I did, but you might still be able to see the bandaids)…


Lots of fun and different sights…


Gorgeous flowers…


Lovely Koi…


Breathtaking sunsets…


And daily outside running… yes, the streak continues, blistered feet and all!


It’s been a fabulous vacation!

Thanks to Jackie at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for the Echoes Of My Neighborhood challenge!  This is my special neighborhood for the week!







2012 05 Stuff 001

I don’t dare say who was trying to boil these eggs, but they were left on so long that all the water boiled out of the pan, burning the eggs and leaving a lovely smell in their wake.  Egg salad anyone?

In response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge: Oops!

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Transition

My son, AJ, and his BFF, G.  They met when they were 2-1/2 and 1-1/2 respectively and were raised as “brothers from another mother.”  This is their transition through the years.  In response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge.

“No friendship is an accident.” ―O. Henry, Heart of the West

April 24, 2008 005

AJ 3-1/2 G 2-1/2

Aug and Sept 2009 004

G 3, AJ 4

Memorial Weekend 2009 013

AJ 4, G 3

graysons bday 035 (1)

AJ 5, G 4

2010 April 015 (1)

AJ 6, G 5

2011 09 24 Morgan's wedding 019

AJ 7, G 6

2012 09 015

AJ 8, G 7

2012 12 Mobile 043

G 8, AJ 9

2013 Misc 068

G 8, AJ 9


G 9, AJ 10


G 10, AJ 11 (December 2015)


One Word Photo Challenge: Summer

2014 Hawaii view from our room


2014 Hawaii beach

2014 Hawaii 331

Summer to me is all about the beach, the swimming, being carefree.

One Word Photo Challenge: Summer, by Jennifer Nichole Wells.

One Word Photo Challenge – Winter




On Frozen Pond



You’re going to be waiting for that bus for a long, long time because it ain’t coming!


The big freeze in Lake Stevens, WA, 2009.

In response to One Word Photo Challenge:  Winter by Jennifer Nichole Wells.